Wednesday, February 1st, 2023

Decided to head into London today. Got up really early, checked the National Rail Enquiries app on the iPhone: Great ! trains are running. Jumped in the car to the station. Got to the station, umm, nobody there. Still, the locals probably are too scared of going into the big city when it’s busy. Car […]

Cambridge is awful for food shopping. Given that Cambridge could be given the title ‘chain capital of the world’, it’s no surprise that there is a lack of small quality food shops. Okay, you could go to Mill Road, but that’s a total nightmare when it comes to getting there as there’s no easy parking […]

It never fails to amaze me how rude people are on public transport. The Cambridge to London train is stressful at most times. I thought I was being clever getting in early, way before shops would be open. Wrong ! Train is still packed. In this case, I’m surrounded by: * Some random guy who’s […]

Really I hear you say ? I took this picture this morning before leaving home: My thought was ‘flurry of snow, great that’ll be whole of the South East shut down’. The reality was different, things ran to clockwork in terms of infrastructure. However, and here’s where my caring humble approach ends: WHY WHY WHY […]

Large lunch today, so decided to try and skip dinner. Of course watching TV I see an ad for bacon and the hunger sets in. Decide that I will do bacon for breakfast tomorrow, so instead think ‘chips’. I call the local kebab shop (2 mins walk away) and order, told 10 mins. I’m thinking […]

[Warning, this is a rant, but I need to get it off my chest] I’m back. I would have blogged yesterday, but the usual 3rd world cell infrastructure in the UK prevented me doing so. Well, it’s great to be back to familiarity. I’m glad to say that I was presented with all the nonsense […]

Great start to the morning. Reading the Cambridge student website and the lead story is about poor shopping experiences. It gloats on how Oxford is ranked the worst (the usual rivalry), but then goes on to talk about Cambridge being not much better. You can read the full story here. A quick analysis: ” bland […]

Decided to go into town today. Car park full as usual. Never fails to amaze me just how Cambridge is always so busy. Of course the usual spatial awareness problems suffice: They have a habit of holding up all the traffic in a car park when they spot a free space becoming available. Normal (i.e. […]

Decided to go into Cambridge today to get some air and out my 1 mile radius of work/home with the purpose of trying to take my mind off things. I’ve never felt so ill- a mixture of cold, stress, and sore stomach. Well I did get out, but going into town at peak time and […]

No, I wasn’t at Waitrose and people got out of my way trying to buy things. In this case, there’s a fly in the room that seems to have almost radar vision to prevent me from swatting it. Now if only everything in Cambridge could get out my way so quickly, life would be less […]