Sunday, June 16th, 2024

Luxury dining (the Scottish way)


Whilst those in the South East would consider steak with a nice glass of red wine a normal dinner experience, here’s the Glasgow equivalent (albeit sourced in Cambridge):

That’s Fish and Chips, with a bottle of Irn Bru. There’s something about Irn Bru that goes well with greasy food – it’s quite a refreshing drink given the amount of sugar in it.

Of course, the Cambridge fish and chip shop isn’t normal. Let’s look at the anomalies:

  • Always full of weird people. I think it must be a social class thing here that prevents normal people going into take away food shops. The other week I was in John Lewis having some food (yes, I know) and a middle class couple walked in. The lady asked ‘are you serving fish and chips’, my thought was ‘unbelievable, why would you eat fish and chips in John Lewis’. Now I have figured it out – they don’t want to go to a fish and chip shop as that would be too working class.
  • Selling gluten free fish and chips on a Sunday. There’s a sign up on the window indicating that gluten free fish and chips are being offered on a Sunday. Unbelievable, a city full of so many ‘special’ eaters that they actually cater for people with allergies. I’ve never really understood the whole gluten free thing in Cambridge. I never recall knowing anyone in Scotland with a problem. Nor, as someone once pointed out ‘you don’t hear about starving people in Africa with food allergies do you !’.

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