Tuesday, May 21st, 2024

Sheer Ignorance, Followed by Sheer Stupidity…


Rant warning !, in reverse chronological order…

So, decided to go to the cinema tonight. I actually hate going to the cinema in Cambridge. Partly, because it is pretty dire (uncomfortable etc.), also in an uncomfortable environment (i.e. one is surrounded by Cambridge people). Of course you have to suffer the Clearasil brigade serving you. In this case we had he delights of the kid serving me bringing over a drink the was far too full and spilling out. He remarked “sorry it’s full”, at this point I’m thinking “what a moron, I’m just about to carry this and sit down in a dark environment, of course it’s going to bloody well spill”. I asked him to empty some of it, he did, but in that way ‘men’ empty things out of a glass and it spills all down the side. I paid nearly a tenner for this privilege of course !

Previously I had to buy tickets for the film. I stood in the queue (pretty short). A couple of students were in front of me. Not ‘real’ Cambridge students mind, but ones from one of the nonsense red-brick Universities (the ones that use bullshit slogans that try to attach themselves to the fact they are in Cambridge and a ‘University’ – how annoying it must be to work hard to get into Cambridge only to be mocked). They of course paid in turn (it’s only 2nd week of term at the latest, surely they can’t have spent all the money on KFC and Bacardi Breezers already ?). Of course a couple were behind me when guy in front leans over and grabs the hand of the girl behind, enabling her to skip the queue.

I was so irritated ! I did want to say something, but given the hurl of abuse I’d have gotten (no doubt referring to my Scottish heritage and suggesting my mother gave birth out of wedlock) decided not to bother. In situations like this I often do wish I could speak in a ‘rough’ Glasgow accent to frighten people- but sadly can’t. Anyways, during the trailers I wondered how I could deal with this in the future and realised a very easy way by handing out printed cards:

Terribly English way of dealing with things – totally non confrontational !

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