Sunday, June 16th, 2024

Saturday in London


Colleague (British) over from our US office this week so a few of us arranged to go into London for a boys day out. That sounds ominous, but remember we’re talking people who work in tech so usually results in drinks, food, HMV, Apple Store and other similar pastimes.

I had gone into London a little earlier as I wanted to have a look at the recently opened Leica Store in Mayfair. Bit of a strange layout- in a set of Mews type street with no scope for passing trade. That said, the shop was pretty busy. I had a wander round. I’m thinking of buying an X1, but it looks a little bit too big for something to carry on a day-day basis. However, I think the Engineering might end up swaying me to make a purchase.

Headed over to Covent Garden. Neals Yard used to have this great bar downstairs, always got a seat, great service. In the old days they used to show Fashion TV (that was the reason my friend who introduced it to me used to go there), but as time went on changed the venue a little. I loved the place, always full of interesting people and good drinks. Turned up yesterday, no surprise now an Italian Restaurant Chain. Coming from Glasgow where there is a large Italian community, I’m used to eating good Italian food so never go into Italian chains. I guess the reason why is that it doesn’t really taste any different from going to Sainsbury’s and buying a ready made meal and throwing it in the microwave !

Ended up walking round trying to find somewhere to rendezvous – there’s nothing worse than a load of people walking round trying to find ‘room at the inn’. Found a bar that wasn’t that great and was very warm inside but okay to meet up. Then moved on to a Belgian place for a few hours drinking and eating (really great service). Dinner again at Asadal in Holborn. I love it and it’s always fun to take people there as it is very different from what people are used to.

Couple of random photo’s attached. Outside the Ritz a large crane lifting a huge aircon unit. The other is a great service that’s been around for a while- person comes to your car with a scooter and drives you in your own car home it you’ve had too much to drink !

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