Friday, April 19th, 2024

New Office


Today was the first time I had my office at home in a reasonable shape. Blinds are still on order, but otherwise I think I’m pretty much done with things. Over the past few weeks I’ve realised that Muji appeals to my (minor) OCD issue with things having to match. For example, if I have a set of desk accessories they all have to be the same material/colour, files all the same series, books stacked together etc, if I have a gadget I have to have a specific carry case for it.

So, a few pics. First of the whole office:

I like these desks (German), particularly chosen as I needed a computer desk and also a general sketch/writing desk.

I really like the ability to tilt the writing desk at any angle:

Actually, the desks are designed for children ! The height can be adjusted as the child grows – until the maximum standard height that I have them set to.

Finally bookcases. It’s actually pretty difficult to find something good in the UK here, so I ended up buying store and then customising as much as I could:

Overall I’m happy with things now. I’ve also managed to keep cabling and electricals as tidy as I can, with remote power sockets to try and save electricity (amazing how many external PSUs you end up having). Off to Muji next weekend for a few more filing things and then hopefully nothing left to do – of until I have to pull the desks out for the guy to come and fit the blinds (they won’t let you do it yourself).

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