Sunday, June 16th, 2024

Well that’s me another year older (today). I don’t tend to get depressed about such things, but wonder how this will translate into the ‘tick boxes’ for ages you have on forms !

Visited London yesterday, late afternoon departure as the trip wasn’t planned. This resulted in getting the train back fairly late in the evening- the train being full of people who had a few drinks. I always find it difficult not to laugh when people are making jokes in public- in this case some pretty rude […]

I bought this really cool bookmark (actually a European brand) when I was in Japan a couple of months back. I love the simplicity of the design and looks a bit funky. The presentation form is really nice also.

Poster Blues (not Blue Posters) Yesterday I bought some posters I’ve been meaning to buy from Monocle for some time. Of course there’s the issue of getting them on the wall, something I thought would be pretty simple given they were standard A2 posters. NO ! What a complete shambles on a Saturday trying to […]

Was searching for a picture of a bar in Glasgow to send to a friend and came across this site… I think that pretty much sums up Cambridge dining and nightlife: