Tuesday, May 21st, 2024

Fly, fly, away…


Tomorrow starts a 2 week travel journey, involving:

* San Francisco/San Jose
* Los Angeles (I don’t want to say LA as that makes me sound as if I’m in the entertainment industry)
* London
* Cambridge (for about 13hrs, a near optimal duration of time spent in Cambridge)
* Peterborough/Durham/Newcastle
* London
* Tokyo/Yokohama
* ?

I’ve mixed thoughts about this trip. I should be feeling really positive. I’m going to several of my favourite places. I’m getting to meet up with people I rarely get to see face-face nowadays. IM/Skype is good, but you can’t beat sitting face-face having a good chat even if it is just for a few hours given the busy lives we all seem to lead.

But my mind is preoccupied. I feel there are so many loose unresolved threads right now revolving in my head, that feeling when nothing seems to be coming together. Deep down I know they will resolve itself, and everything will fall into place. I just don’t quite know when. It’s all too familiar, I had the same feeling last year around this time.

These sort of trips are ‘Craig Trips’, I’m so used to doing them, it usually makes me feel alive. However, I worry that on my return with no travel planned (save for a Glasgow trip for drinks after Xmas) It’ll be like last year, burnt out to the point I just want to crash for weeks on end. I can’t let that happen, I’ve already formulated a plan to ensure it doesn’t, I just need to execute against it.

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