Wednesday, February 1st, 2023

Frustrated with myself that I didn’t head back home today (Friday) instead of waiting ’til tomorrow. I’m sitting here just as the VS020 would normally depart from SFO wishing I was on it. All meetings are finished, although it would have been a little stressful earlier in the week if I didn’t have the knowledge […]

Thankfully feeling better today. I’m pretty sure I contracted food poisoning as I had a very bad stomach ache (and the relevant other symptoms). Being in a hotel when ill really sucks, even worse in the US. I woke up this morning at 2AM (after sleeping for 10+ hours) and decided I needed something to […]

Arrived at the office yesterday and gave a 2hr slot in the morning. I then had lunch (not the most healthy) after walking back (yes, it is possible in San Jose to walk) I started to feel ill. By 2PM I was feeling at deaths door, walked into a meeting room, tried to start presenting […]

I hate poor timekeeping and the Bay area from experience is the worst place for it. Meetings rarely start on time, people wander in late etc. It really does bug me. When I used to give lectures at University I used to lock the door and prevent people from turning up late, in addition giving […]

Stuck in the Virgin Lounge at San Francisco Airport. Flight is 4hrs delayed. Actually, I can’t moan too much as I think this is the first delay I’ve had on this leg (which I have on average done every 6 weeks for the past few years). I’m sitting near the bar looking at the selection […]

Well, not quite, but it’s my last night here in San Jose. Overall, it’s been a good trip. Managed to get lots of stuff cleared up. As well as have some drinks/dinners in the evenings with people (always a good thing). The downside has been jetlag. Normally it isn’t a problem, but this week has […]

Day 2 of the San Jose trip. Hotel HasslesWhen I checked in yesterday, I got to the room and did the usual check everything worked etc. At the time I thought there was a fairly loud noise of aircon from outside (one of the big vents). However, decided to keep the current room. After dinner […]

… A world first ! – I am at the airport on Friday traveling back home a day early due to meeting times being optimal for a change (usually it’s the opposite). It will also be good to get home early as I’m sure there will be carnage at LHR due to the poor weather […]