Friday, April 19th, 2024



It’s a somewhat concerning thing that a couple of my blogs have featured food. Prior to coming out to the US I’d lost my appetite. However, it has certainly come back in the past few days. A few choice foods:

Flat Bread and Dip

This is one of my favourite nibbles prior to dinner. This is at Faz in Sunnyvale. Back in the days when I’d come here very very often (every couple of weeks) I’d always stay at the hotel that has this restaurant on its premises. Each night I’d call room service and request ‘some of the flat bread and dip’. The bread is Iranian style bread (really really tasty). The dip is a mixture of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, flakes of cheese, onions. And, yes, normally I hate balsamic vinegar. However, this is just so tasty. As soon as we walked in for a business dinner the other night I requested it. Oh, and the main was good also:

Mini Kobe Beef Burgers

I love these, cooked rare. The taste is just amazing (cooked rare), the bun is so soft. I could sit and scoff these all night:

Breakfast at Starbucks

A good start to the day- I try to avoid the hotel cooked breakfast (as I have no self control where bacon is being served). Not served by some miserable “can’t be arsed” student, but friendly staff. It amazes me how someone can be so helpful and cheery at 6AM ! My usual of Cappuccino, Orange Juice, Croissant. The OJ they have is so so refreshing – something about it that can’t be described. Oh, and they spelled my name right this morning (I managed to get the pitch of saying my name in the US way right).

Lunch today

Chinese at a Hunan style restaurant. Great spicy food. It’s strange to be in a place outside of China where you are the only non-Chinese person eating lunch in a restaurant with 100 people.

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