Sunday, June 16th, 2024

An entry from 30,000 feet


Listening to Adore by I:Cuec and Nara by E.S. Posthumous…

I realised a few moments ago that I hadn’t seen anybody I knew on this flight. For a Monday flight used by many Euro people going to Silicon Valley that’s really surprising. I boarded and just went straight to my seat. Just got up a few minutes ago and took a quick wander round and caught up with 2 people I know – it’s good to see the industry has picked up again.

My head feels so clear as I write this, much clearer than it had done for weeks. I’ve caught up on a months worth of reading, planned the next few weeks ahead for work, and had some time to reflect on other things.

I love flying. I think it’s the sense of being isolated from the outside world for a period of time – something that is really difficult nowdays as we’re constantly connected and have so much media and information streaming to us. Now you could say simply switch out of it, but it gets addicitive. Technology and the world we live in today is a double edged sword. I usually need constant stimulation and being connected with people, but that has the impact of making me really tired to the point where I get burnt out and need to escape.

When I lived in Shanghai I loved the constant energy of the city. However, one night I just burnt out. I took a taxi over to Pudong and checked into a hotel. My request was simple: “highest floor, don’t care about cost”. I just needed to escape for a few hours. It was the best sleep I’d had for months.

I also remember flying at the peak of the last set of terror alerts. That weekend carry-on was limited to wallets and passports, nothing else. It was funny to watch all the tourists complain, whilst business people were generally happy as they couldn’t do any work, take calls etc. I cleared security, bought a book that I read cover-cover on a 12 hour flight. Most relaxing travel I’ve ever done.

I guess I’m trying to reflect on how the pace of things nowadays really does get to you. A few round the world trips are needed to clear my head I think !

A few pics, firstly the Virgin checkin area:

The Virgin lounge:

Dinner on the flight (a quite delicious Beef Wellington):

Afternoon lunch (not quite Kobe beefburgers that I’ll be having Wednesday night):

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