Saturday, July 20th, 2024

Funny signs and pictures in the toilet (loo)


Dinner in London last night. Chinese near Kings Cross. I was taken there the other week by a colleague’s husband. Decided to go back last night for another try. I forget the name of the place. Anyways, I needed to visit the toilet. It was downstairs – the type where the toilet is located downstairs in a basement beside the kitchen- go figure.

Anyways, I walked in and spotted this sign:

The use of the word ‘Loo’ made me laugh- clearly someone who has been reading some random British book and thought it clever to use it. Clearly not using the literal sound in Chinese for ‘Loo’- like names and 劉.

I obviously decided to take a photo, at this point I should stress I’m not in the habit of taking pics in gents toilets ! However, I turned round and as I was washing my hands I spotted this:

WTF ? Note I added the Dubai Style censorship as of course this is a family blog ;).

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