Friday, April 19th, 2024

Supermarket shambles, but not in the crisp department


Walked into the local supermarket earlier today to pick up some wine and a Sunday Times. That sounds like a recipe for disaster (well, okay at least it wasn’t News of The World), but I needed to relax and deemed that as the best option to do so. As I walked by the crisp section I was surprised at how ordered the section looked:

Clearly someone new had started and had been given the task of ensuring all the bags were straight. As someone who appreciates well organised and ordered things I thought I’d take a photo (well beats taking a pic of toilets I guess ;)):

I then proceed to the wine section. Now, we’re talking coop in a local Cambridge village so I wasn’t quite expecting quality. One of the staff then comes up and says “anything take your fancy”, he then says “this one is good but it’s pricey, £6.29 !”. WTF ? okay I didn’t shave this morning but do I really look that bad as if £6.29 was out of my price range ?

I decided to accept his recommendation- after all I couldn’t go any lower in price could I ? Got back home, uncorked, bloody awful, poured down the sink in a fit if annoyance. As I write this I’m sipping a large glass of single malt, thankfully based on my own tastes.

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