Sunday, June 16th, 2024

Spatial awareness


Interesting observation last night contrasting different places (albeit with a small sample size). I’ve no doubt complained before about people in Cambridge having poor awareness of the space around them. I usually follow this up with the joke that coming from Glasgow I have to be aware of what’s around me for fear of being stabbed or robbed !

In Cambridge, if you are in a supermarket they like to block aisles. They also have some strange behaviour where they’ll stand in front of a shelve and just gaze it. Trying to buy meat once I witnessed a situation where a couple stood there just gazing at the shelve for over 1 minute, I felt like going up to them an saying “terribly sorry, do you mind if I change the channel, I was hoping to watch the football right now”. As I recall, my words were a little unkinder.

Last night in a supermarket in Bury St Edmunds I walked around and was amazed at how people just get out your way. It’s as if they have some sort of early warning system or parking sensors. A dream of a shop…

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