Sunday, June 16th, 2024

Tech poverty…


That’s actually a poor choice of title as it implies that I’m in a constant situation of having no money to buy tech. Looking back at the last few months I’ve made quite a few purchases. Actually, today I received my Sennheiser Bluetooth Headphones. They are superb and I’m finally happy that I don’t have to carry round lots of wires. They also support multiple devices so I can connect to iPad, iPhone, computer etc.

The posting title is that I really can’t justify something that I know I want. Apple introduced a new Mac Mini and it looks absolutely amazing. It would be a great media server machine. Actually, I’m thinking I could replace my MacBook Pro with it. However, I just can’t justify to myself right now to spend £900 on a new computer. I guess I’ll think about it for a bit longer – just won’t go into the Apple Store for a while (well at least Saturday).

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