Wednesday, February 1st, 2023

Today is the first time for about 5 months that I’ve woken up and not faced a deadline. It was nice to wake up at 6AM and not leap out of bed. Watched a bit of breakfast TV, had breakfast, then into the office for 7:35. I reckon there’s a complex equation that defines your […]

Sitting in Starbucks Cambridge. I got up early is morning as I had to combat the jet lag. Last night I took melatonin so I could sleep. I hope it won’t last. It’s like something out of a Nazi party planned village as I sit here. The same cloned families with the same attitudes, clothes, […]

When I was young I used to love building things. Well, that’s not the complete picture, I used to love even more taking things apart. My mother told me once that when I was 5 she was sitting with my grandma at her kitchen table, I was crawling underneath and they realised I was loosening […]

I’ve come to the conclusion that the UK really isn’t a first world country. Yes, it does meet all the general critereon of a first world country. However, when it comes to infastructure things are so broken they really aren’t worthy of a first world country. Take this mornings journey as I fly out of […]

So I’m en-route to San Jose. I always take the train to the airport as it is a far more comfortable journey than a car. The trouble on a Sunday is that the trains aren’t very frequent and so you have usually to leave early. In my case this meant catching a 730am train. Not […]

I have a new favourite food. A new Chinese has opened up in Cambridge and it is fantastic. I’m actually at the point where I don’t feel I have to go into London to get decent food. The Peking of course is great and I’ve blogged about that before, but I find the ambience a […]

This weekend is when the usual Strawberry Fair happens in Cambridge. This year it’s been cancelled due to various reasons. I’m actually quite glad as from what I’ve seen it’s when the great unwashed descend on Cambridge. There’s enough annoying people in Cambridge, so why encourage more ? As a result of it being cancelled […]