Monday, May 27th, 2024

Local wildlife


One of the benefits to living in a village, compared with the city, is seeing local wildlife. I recently had cause to throw a box of muesli out in the garden. Okay, I was irritated since the only muesli I have managed to find that is ‘basic’ (i.e. not got load of random stuff in it) has been at Waitrose and I haven’t been there for a while (as getting to there is a pain in Cambridge). I now add ‘banana’ to the random list of foods that seem to be included in pretty much everything.

Why wildlife ? Well, of course the muesli has resulted in lots of squirrels descending on the garden. Each time I’ve seen them (at one point 2) I’ve tried to grab the camera but ended up missing them. The other morning I managed to grab a picture (apologies for the poor quality but had to snap quickly):

In addition, there’s also a couple of partridges (no, I don’t have a pear tree). ¬†They exhibit strange behaviour, where between 5PM and 6PM (yes timed) one of them comes up to the glass of the door and hits repeadtely with its beak !- sounds like someone knocking on the door. I managed to get a picture of it flying away:

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