Tuesday, May 21st, 2024



I don’t really follow football, save for the odd game I’ll go to when in Scotland or (more common) on a stag weekend. Scotland aren’t in the world cup, therefore genetically I am programmed to support any time that opposes England. However, I’m not as critical of the England team as the papers are this morning !

Of Cambridge is littered with cars with England flags. Don’t you just love the fact that some rich Chinese family are making a killing on churning out England flags ? I always feel uneasy when I see flags. I usually associate them with nationalist people and narrow minds. I never go into a pub that has an England flag over it (bad experience once of being sworn at). I’m not a fan of nationalism (when I was in my teens an SNP candidate came to my parents house and my quote to him was “nationalism, wasn’t that what caused all the problems between 1939-1945 ?’). Somehow when I see England flags on cars it makes me feel uneasy and conjures up this image in my mind:

Cars travelling through Nazi Germany with flags on them. For the record, I don’t recommend Googling for ‘nazi car flags’ as it yields some pretty disturbing sites.

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