Friday, April 19th, 2024



A good place for cakes found in Cambridge. Yes, we all know that Cambridge is a culinary desert. Mmh, no desert implies some nice place, let’s call it a wasteground. However, I’ve finally found a good place for cakes. Of course it’s a chain (that’s standard for anything involving food in Cambridge), but it is pretty good:

I had a nice apple cake this morning and a coffee. Of course they aren’t really setup for take-aways, not realising that in such situations the objective of a take-way is fast service and therefore should take priority. However, aside from that it was fine.

Of course the shop will operate on HST (Housewife Standard Time, my new term for opening hours in Cambridge where everything is aligned around times that only suit people who aren’t in employment) which is sad. I’ve blogged about only pubs being available at decent times in Cambridge.

Looking at the sign, I note that it’s established 1926. Not in Cambridge (it used to be a Halfords, so 2010 is actually correct). Given the level of pedants in Cambridge I wonder how many people have actually complained about the sign not being accurate. I’d reason quite a few !!

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