Monday, May 27th, 2024

Men and BBQs


Some people over from our various offices this week as well as friend also staying with me. I’ve had 2 curry’s this week (both terrible, but hey it’s Cambridge) and the BBQ season is in full swing having cleaned it last Friday and then using it fairly heavily. I think I need to go and eat some basic food for the next week or so !

Anyways, I find the whole BBQ side of things funny. Last night had a few friends over from work. We didn’t manage to go to the local butchers (closes at 6 and I had a meeting that was running late). So down to Tesco. I don’t like Tesco in Fulbourn (really Cherry Hinton) as when you shop there it feels like shopping in a slum, quite different from the Waitrose experience. Here’s the result of 3 grown men going to shop at Tesco:


  • Crisps and dips
  • Ketchup (and some liked Branston with burgers – weird)
  • Meat in various forms
  • 4 bottles of wine (for 5 people)
  • And a pack of peppers to add a little healthy flavour to the proceedings !

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