Wednesday, February 1st, 2023

Day off today in place of last Friday where I stupidly decided to go into the office whilst on holiday and ended up spending nearly the whole day. Things going well given the amount of alcohol consumed. Then what happens ? Yep, 3 (yes 3) sets of bloody delays. No, not volcanic ash, not leaves […]

Sometimes you feel happy to carry a camera around. I had to give a wedding speech on Tuesday. I decided to use the computer (and a 3M Pico Projector I’d bought especially for the occasion). I wanted to use images, but had to either use stock photo’s or re-create scenes as historically I wasn’t able […]

It’s nice to be back home. I find travelling in many countries in Europe stressful due to the lack of organisation on things. Pisa airport was a nightmare. Note helped but that screwed up European system of queuing to pay first (queuing is one word for it, rabble another), thus having to memorise what you […]

Late next week I should get my hands on it !

Off to Europe (Italy) for a wedding. It frustrates me that low cost carriers have monopolised Stansted to a point where I can be in a situation where I have to pay more to fly from Stansted than Heathrow, but end up choosing Stansted for convenience. Stansted is at least getting better than it used […]