Wednesday, February 1st, 2023

Sensible result, did anyone really think it wasn’t going to happen ?

Cost cutting hits extreme – my free prawn crackers were omitted with the take-away tonight. Of course I don’t usually eat them (or maybe have 2 or 3) but I suddenly have a craving for a whole bag full….

I try to come up with lots of different titles, but for some reason ‘grumpy’ is one that I see I have used before. I guess it’s been a long day. Things aren’t helped by my real lack of tolerance of people who don’t drive things, far too many open ended issues in life right […]

I hate Sundays. I guess it’s because there is little to do and the fact that shops are restricted to 6hrs opening (and many stores in London don’t even open) makes it a real pain when it comes to trying to do things. I usually pick up a copy of the Sunday times, read Michael […]

Talking to someone last night about questions you get asked when visiting the registry office to apply for a marriage license (as they had done it recently). “Can you confirm that you aren’t related to one another ?” So, the question for Sunday – which response to you give in order to get the license […]

PC ‘World’Simple task – buy a 2.5″ SATA hard drive. Now you’d think you’d be able to get one of those from PC World Cambridge ? Wrong ! zero in stock (guess must be the same delivery company that supplies supermarkets). Of course loads of random nonsense hard drives like 80GB PATA ones (that I’m […]

MedicalI had my medical – the good news is that I have to loose a little weight and have a little more exercise. Now let me think – I could have figured that out myself without work sponsoring a medical. Anyways, at least I know I am in fairly good health. Actually, the guy in […]

Woke up at 5AM this morning and ended up on a call with a US colleague for over an hour – good start to the day to get things cleared up. Spent the whole morning in PowerPoint and Outlook. I’m thinking of starting to write presentations on the Mac just for novelty value. London Abound […]

What a busy week. I feel as if my week has been stuck in PowerPoint. Still, tomorrow is the day off for a medical. I elected to have the medical in London based on my last experience in Cambridge where the guy taking my blood I felt was a drug addict and the overall experience […]

I don’t normally write anything about work in my blog, but today I was so grumpy. The usual pre-7AM start with a number of deadlines (3 sets of PowerPoint to be exact) so I had to be focussed to get things done. Of course I had several meetings in the morning, and as per usual […]