Tuesday, May 21st, 2024



So it’s a Bank Holiday here in the UK. Traditionally I guess that implied that everything (including Banks) were closed. However, with the usual times I guess we are used to things being open. Woke up this morning, decided to head into Cambridge to run some errands. Checked John Lewis’ website and it indicated they opened at 10AM – so I figured heading in around 10:15 everything would be open. ¬†On the way in had a craving for Starbucks (Almond Croissant for Breakfast, with Venti Cappuccino and Orange Juide) – remember this is Cambridge so decent breakfast choices are rather limited (unless you want fried food).

Got to Starbucks in the ‘Grand’ Arcade, only to be met with this…


I guess nobody could be bothered to change the opening time sign on the door. The usual cursing and swearing resulted. Of course I could have gone to another coffee place in the shopping centre. However, I hate open coffee stores in the middle of shopping. Starbucks really have the format made I must admit.

This got me thinking, 30 minutes later I could have gone to a pub and got completely drunk, why is coffee so difficult to have at normal times ? Take the evening for instance. Cambridge is the only place where all the Starbucks stores are closed at 7PM ! Of course there are plenty of places I could go and buy alcohol (too much some would say) – but why isn’t there a healthy option ??

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