Tuesday, May 21st, 2024

Weekly Paper…


I get this newspaper posted through the door every week. I guess I have very little connection with the ‘real’ Cambridge, so I do make attempt to have a quick scan through it every week (largely for stupid stories). Of course like any weekly newspaper it contains lots of random nonsense:

* Front cover: person with mental issues wants to kill themselves, daughter criticises the hospital for wasting a donor organ trying to save him. I feel like sending a copy of my pay-slip, with the (large) National Insurance deduction circled, annotated with ‘ungrateful’.

* Cambridge Student who threw shoe at Chinese Prime Minister accuses Chinese Embassy of interfering with the trial. Actually, that was quite an amusing story.

* Homeless people petitioning that their dogs have been seized by police after attacking people. I’ve always wondered why homeless people in the UK have dogs – surely it’s another mouth to feed ?

* Murder. Got quite ‘excited’ about this, only to read that the crime didn’t actually happen Cambridge. Rather, it was someone who had once lived in Cambridge !

* Advert for Lion Yard Shopping Centre. Slogan “shop ’til you drop”, of course it should have the qualification “(or it’s 5:25PM)” to give a fair sense of truth to the statement.

* Lots of adverts for conservatories. Adds to my thoughts that the target audience for the ‘paper = age>65 (or people writing blog entries).

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