Tuesday, May 21st, 2024

(Non) Non, je ne regrette rien


aka. Crime Report…

Nice bit of classic British double negative there with a European theme given the upcoming European elections (plenty of blog fodder coming later on that topic). No, this post isn’t about listening to an Edith Piaf track (which is very good btw), but instead about something mulling over my mind….

Dinner at Camino (near Kings Cross) earlier today, a nice evening weather wise which resulted in sitting outside. It was a strange environment – much quieter than previous times. However, what was strange was that about every 20 mins various random begging people came up to us (the bar has a courtyard that harbours passing traffic) begging for money. Of course I have zero tolerance for this in a country where I pay effectively 50% tax to provide a very (too) generous social system.

After a couple of drinks I was sitting at the table. This young boy (around 14) came up to me, put a tube map on the table and then started rambling about trying to get somewhere (Docklands by the look of it). I replied that I didn’t understand him and he got frustrated.

As he picked the map up, I immediately noticed that my iPhone was missing from the table. I challenged him and he agreed that I could search him, but I couldn’t find anything. A guy at the next table then stepped in to help me and asked for my number (so he could call my number). As I started to read it out, the thief dropped by ‘phone (he had hidden it between the map) and ran off. I guess my shock got the better of me and I didn’t go with my natural reaction (chase after him).

For the next 30 mins I was so annoyed with myself for not chasing after him and giving him a good kicking (at the very least it would be free stress relief). Now that may seem harsh, but keep in mind I come from a city where you may recall there was a recent terrorist attack on the airport. Anywhere else in the world, people would run away, but in Glasgow what happens – members of the public jump in to give the assailants a good kicking ! Clearly it’s in the blood. I’m still seething…

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