Tuesday, October 3rd, 2023

Last week I had 3 really bad experiences- some just amusing- some painful: Buskers I rarely give money to buskers, unless they are talented or make me laugh in some way. I’ve blogged before about the guy in San Francisco who held a sign with ‘abuse me’- I gave him money for a picture. The […]

So I’m en-route to San Jose. I always take the train to the airport as it is a far more comfortable journey than a car. The trouble on a Sunday is that the trains aren’t very frequent and so you have usually to leave early. In my case this meant catching a 730am train. Not […]

… but for once not of the electronic variety ! I tend to carry lots of reports and documents back and forth between home and the office. This is usually in a separate tote bag (as carrying a small Windows work laptop and MacBook Air takes up a reasonable amount of space). They tend to […]

Walking in Muji yesterday and spotted some ice cube makers. I love how the Japanese think of novel and interesting uses and forms for things, really creative. I was looking at the strange shapes: The one on the left creates sticks of ice that you can then place into bottles of water etc. Very clever […]

Spotted this the other week in Cambridge: Total miracle. Saturday night and somewhere open until after 6PM ! I had to go in. Apparently a trial. The place was full- so the trial clearly yielded a positive result. However, no doubt it will last. The next miracle I’m not rating as happening anytime soon – […]

I really hate spam. That’s a bit of a stupid statement I guess since I doubt there are people who liked it. However, my blog has been hit fairly severely recently. I just don’t understand why you’d be hit with lots of random comments containing random characters and nonsense. I think things might have been […]

Friend from Scotland visiting tomorrow, leading to a reunion of (Scottish) people in London. Let me think of a few keywords…. Friday night, Old Street/Hoxton Square, Bank holiday weekend, Drinks, Last (or first) train home Somehow I think a headache on Saturday morning, then back into London again on Saturday to repeat it all….

Late next week I should get my hands on it !

Off to Europe (Italy) for a wedding. It frustrates me that low cost carriers have monopolised Stansted to a point where I can be in a situation where I have to pay more to fly from Stansted than Heathrow, but end up choosing Stansted for convenience. Stansted is at least getting better than it used […]

Spotted this on the walk between buildings at work earlier today. Made me smile as we had something similar last year (I didn’t have my ‘phone with me at the time so couldn’t take a picture of a mother plus 2 ducklings walking across the road).