Friday, December 8th, 2023

Decided to head into London today. Got up really early, checked the National Rail Enquiries app on the iPhone: Great ! trains are running. Jumped in the car to the station. Got to the station, umm, nobody there. Still, the locals probably are too scared of going into the big city when it’s busy. Car […]

Back to the UK. Flight left Tokyo late, due to incoming flight being delayed (obviously due to incompetence on the UK side). Heathrow, both IRIS systems working (miracle). Then it hits. Heathrow Express cancelled due to broken train, therefore travel plans on the onward journey messed up. I get to Paddington and some nonsense guy […]

Standing at a ticket machine charging up my travel card: “Craig, this is Japan, the machine will take more than one coin at a time, you don’t have to put them in serially !” I laughed…

[Originally written on Sunday, just getting around to post] This morning as I checked in to the flight the lady at the checkin desk asked me if I wanted my bags checked through to Tokyo. My answer was simple “Thanks, but I plan for failure, and Heathrow being an epicentre of failure, I think I’ll […]

Thankfully for the MacBook Air and my MiFi, oh and some 3G reception, I can do something useful sitting here stuck waiting for the usual British Airways late departure. I think BA must have to replace the seats on their aircraft more often than other airlines, since as a passenger you seem to actually spend […]

I spotted this on the flight yesterday and felt I had to take a pic:

Breakfast this morning at the airport. The journey wasn’t too bad. The driver was 10 mins early (good) and the journey done in just over an hour. If it was like this all the time, I could see the benefit of the car. Sadly, too many memories of Monday morning San Francisco flights stuck in […]

Tomorrow starts a 2 week travel journey, involving: * San Francisco/San Jose * Los Angeles (I don’t want to say LA as that makes me sound as if I’m in the entertainment industry) * London * Cambridge (for about 13hrs, a near optimal duration of time spent in Cambridge) * Peterborough/Durham/Newcastle * London * Tokyo/Yokohama […]

UK transport never fails to amaze me. I must confess there is something to be said for getting the 12:04 (midnight) mid-week train from Kings Cross to Cambridge – it always runs on time ! However, throw a Sunday in the equation and you are doomed. Simple task: get to Heathrow on Sunday morning for […]

I took a few pics on the journey back home the other week, realised I hadn’t posted them: View from the Virgin Lounge at SFO: Taxi’ing out: Taking off: