Friday, April 19th, 2024

Bad UI’s = not escaping from toy town…


Decided to head into London today. Got up really early, checked the National Rail Enquiries app on the iPhone:

Great ! trains are running. Jumped in the car to the station. Got to the station, umm, nobody there. Still, the locals probably are too scared of going into the big city when it’s busy. Car park totally empty, save for a few cars that have obviously been left for a day or so. I walk up to the station, a taxi driver greets me with ‘no trains on boxing day mate, not for the last 10 years’. Great, another tick in the box for Cambridge being one of the worst cities in the world. Populated by a bunch of bloody John Lewis fans (clearly John Lewis haven’t been hit by the recession as they didn’t open any stores today – crisis – no Molten Brown ‘Special Purchase’ Box Sets to be had in the country today !).

Feedback sent to the app developer – please put a date on the page !, I guess it was showing Monday trains ! Though in fairness to the developer, what normal civilised train station would not be operating on Boxing Day ?

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