Tuesday, May 21st, 2024

Back to the land of ??


Back to the UK. Flight left Tokyo late, due to incoming flight being delayed (obviously due to incompetence on the UK side). Heathrow, both IRIS systems working (miracle).

Then it hits. Heathrow Express cancelled due to broken train, therefore travel plans on the onward journey messed up. I get to Paddington and some nonsense guy stops me asking if I want a taxi, I assume he’s official (as he has a lanyard), so follow. We arrive at his car, I realise it isn’t a proper London Cab, so ask home much he says £25 – I tell him to “p*** off”. He then says “£20”. In a fit of rage I start shouting at him and then kick the front of his car (I did a similar thing once in China smashing a headlight).

These people anger me so much. London Cab drivers (whom I view as the best in the world) pay a hefty license fee to be able to practice and then people like this come along and try to do it with no license. In addition, the cost is crazy – what really hit a nerve was that the guy clearly thought I was stupid and would pay £25 to go to Kings Cross (roughly double the price). Sadly, some other tourist would just get conned.

When I finally got a proper cab I told the guy and we called the police.

Welcome back to the UK…

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