Friday, April 19th, 2024

Random purchases in London…


I ended up in London yesterday to make some purchases. What I love about London is that when you decide you want something, there is a pretty high chance that you will be able to find it available and in stock. Of course you will likely pay more than Internet stores, but for someone impatient such as myself it is perfect. The only other place in the world I have found to be better is Hong Kong.

Business Books

First a trip to Blackwell’s in Holborn to stock up on some books. I really am tempted to buy a Kindle so I can get books instantly (just like iTunes). However, having bought a Sony eReader and not used it I’ve held off. I’m also banking on the iPad really taking off for books.


Working in the tech sector and being a bit of a gadget fiend, I tend to always be buying things ahead of time. I’ve been trying to have an offsite backup solution for computers in the garage (separate from the house). I’ve been using a Time Capsule, but with poor performance due to wireless range. Just browsing yesterday morning I thought about powerline networking as a solution. What can I say- totally amazing ! Have a plugin box in my cupboard and another in the garage and they work so well providing a fast wired internet connection through the mains cables in the house.


Obligatory trip to Muji, although I think I’m pretty much done now. I love the simplicity of their goods and also the uniformity. Purchased a load of filing and organisation stuff to finish my office (pics to follow).


Yet another craving for Korean food. I dropped by Asadal but they were full. Actually, the guy at reception spoke such poor English that I reckoned he just said no to get rid of me. However, a blessing since I found an alternative. I was thinking about Hakkasan, but didn’t want to humiliate myself to just turn up on a Saturday night as I knew the chances were slim. Whilst walking along the lane I then spotted some Korean lettering and realised it was BBQ ! The food was pretty good. Han Kang, Hanway Street (just off Tottenham Court Road).

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