Sunday, June 16th, 2024

Gadgets ahoy….


It’s funny, for sometime now I’ve been a bit bored with the tech scene. I guess it’s partly due to the economic situation that companies have been holding back releasing products. Then, like a bus a load of them come along at the same time and the wallet takes a hit. Working in the tech sector I know what potential is out there and I have to keep pinching myself that technology and products take time to get to the market.

I got chatting to one of the people I work with in the US who was asking what I did out of work. My initial comment was “work”, then we talked a bit more and I indicated I liked carrying a camera with me to take pictures of funny/interesting things I see (I’m not at all interested in the science of photography). Also, my absolute love for well made and thought out things. I was showing him the Leica website and spotted a new camera ‘X1’, thankfully it’s not released until early next year (so avoiding a trip to a fantastic camera store in Palo Alto I usually buy camera’s from.

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