Sunday, June 16th, 2024

Not everything in life is complicated


Alternative title: I wish everything was as simple as making bread

Yesterday morning I bought some bread and had a (small) slice on its own when I got home. I realised that it tasted sweet and that once again the UK has followed the US by putting too much sugar in things. Yes, I do know that there is a need for some sugar, but not to the point that it tastes like cake (which many breads in the US do). The outcome of this ? – decided to buy a bread maker. Okay, that sounds a pretty rash decision, but I have been thinking of doing it for some time.

Now the interesting part. In today’s society we’re given so so many choices. Try to buy a TV and you’ll walk into a shop full of them. Even something as basic as a kettle has so many choices (unless of course you care about the looks then perhaps the choice is a little simpler). Dyson has so many models of it’s products. However, in the world of bread makers (just like making bread) it’s simple ! Yes ! something in life isn’t overly complicated. Panasonic is the supplier everyone rates. And, wait for it… they only have 2 models. Go to John Lewis, buy the one with the highest model number (the only one they sell), job done.

So woke up this morning, went downstairs to a nice smell of bread baking. Here’s the result:

Now I’m off to eat some !

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