Tuesday, May 21st, 2024

Media trends


Walking past Oxford Street recently I spotted that the large HMV near Selfridges had closed. This made it really hit home that traditional media outlets are in rapid decline. It’s funny how technology has changed the face of the High Street.

In Glasgow there used to be a well established book chain called ‘John Smiths’. It had a great shop full of floors and labyrinths. Near University term time there would be piles of books everywhere, it had that ‘knowledge concentration feeling’. I remember they also had a web site that could allow you to search and order books ! (now I feel old). Then Borders came into town, with it’s longer opening hours and in a prime location. I liked Borders and used to go there, they also sold CDs and DVDs as well as magazines. Well, Borders in the UK is now gone. Borders have been a victim of Amazon. What’s funny is that Amazon are now a victim of companies like Apple. All this change in a few years, driven by technology and consumer convenience. Being someone who needs instant gratification I love digital downloads. However, I can’t help that I’ve lost something in terms of the social experience of going out and browsing.

This morning I had the mail below in my Inbox. The US is going the same way. Visiting this Borders was always a ritual when visiting San Jose.

I wonder if Borders will eventually close in large US cities like San Francisco and New York ?

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