Wednesday, February 1st, 2023

It’s been a while since I’ve been at The Wrestlers in Cambridge. Yesterday went for lunch and it was really good – the best Thai food I’ve had in Cambridge ever. Starting off with the usual crackers and dip whilst the food was cooking: Then Beef Chili for main:

Last time I was in Japan I attended a dinner at a Korean BBQ restaurant. Before the food was served, someone arrived with a set of small aprons to wear – a nice touch for someone who commonly spills food on their shirt. I was so impressed, I asked the waiter if I could have […]

I like working at home. I get so much done and I also have more customised resources than work. My office space is finally tidy:

I was annoyed as the train to Kings Cross involved a replacement bus service. If I wanted to take a bus I would take a bus, I don’t really understand why taking a train has to involve part of the journey being on a bus. Instead the Liverpool Street line was running. National Express East […]

This picture below was created for me from my blog, the size of the text relates to the number of times words are used. I never really ‘got’ this presentation concept until it was applied to something I wrote. Taking a quick scan of it and words included I think pretty much sums me up: […]

There’s a particular type of Cambridge-oid that I particularly despise. It’s the late 40’s husband and wife brought up in middle class England and who clearly have never suffered any hardship and so focus their entire lives on trivialities. They are so easy to spot: * Cars – he absolutely will drive an Audi. Depending […]

There used to be a show on Channel 4 years ago featuring a guy with a really large mobile phone shouting on it: I was one a train a few weeks back and there was a girl in front playing a game on her iPad which reminded me of using a gadget in a form […]

I stayed over in London a good few weeks back. On leaving the hotel very early in the morning I spotted this: Yes, a van drives up to a bulding. Man gets out, picks hose from back of van and then goes over to water the window boxes !

Following on from the concept of ‘turbo shandy’, I made a novel drink this morning by accident as I was in the kitchen at work and was distracted due to having a conversation. 1. Tip Starbucks Via powder (that you realise isn’t that great, but wanting to use up) into empty coffee cup. 2. Instead […]

Shock horror. 2 bits of customer service in the UK that have been outstanding. Dinner at the Orrery in Marylebone London. Amazing service – the best I’ve ever received in the UK. Upon arrival no shitty comments about not having a reservation, taken to a table straight away. The food was absolutely amazing. A couple […]