Sunday, June 16th, 2024

First Capital Connect: all is forgiven


I was annoyed as the train to Kings Cross involved a replacement bus service. If I wanted to take a bus I would take a bus, I don’t really understand why taking a train has to involve part of the journey being on a bus. Instead the Liverpool Street line was running.

National Express East Anglia that operates out of Liverpool Street truly is shit. The trains have the weirdest configuration you’d have imagined and are about the worst use of space on a carriage I have ever seen. I don’t think they are cleaned as there are always empty cans, newspapers, etc. strewn everywhere. Add the fact that both directions there was no heating on the train, instead the aircon is belting out cold air. I don’t have much of a problem when somewhere has an ambient cold temperatore, but I really do hate it when it’s cold and the aircon adds to the fact creating an environment that feels like being in Orkn

I’ve never understood why aircon is so difficult in this country. I must admit I have never had any confidence when speaking to an aircon engineer- to the point of once in work I was going to smash the controller just so the guy would actually have to do something. I’d have thought it actually required a reasonable skillset to do the job.

Come back First Capital Connect all is forgiven !

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