Tuesday, May 21st, 2024

I like this…


This picture below was created for me from my blog, the size of the text relates to the number of times words are used. I never really ‘got’ this presentation concept until it was applied to something I wrote. Taking a quick scan of it and words included I think pretty much sums me up:

Pictures – I’m pictures person for conveying and displaying information and really appreciate talent in that area. I don’t do graphs very well. At least once a week, people will ask me why I did an Engineering degree because of this. I tell them I don’t Engineering anymore for that very reason.

Service – I have a big thing about customer service. More specifically, I really do appreciate good services and subtle points of good service, I hate bad service.

Morning – I’m a morning person. Actually, I’m an evening person also. It’s the time from 10AM – 7PM that really bores me. I guess that’s because it’s the common denominator and routine of any form depresses me.

Coffee – I found the benefit of caffeine one morning when I was walking to University and stopped at a Costa. I love good coffee. I was introduced to really good coffee (F&W in London) recently and now nothing can compare to it.

Drink – I like drinks. Coffee of course, but also orange juice, pineapple juice, fizzy water, red wine, and beer. Clearly not all of them consumed in a single sitting.

Food – it surprise me that this was so small in terms of occurrence. I love food, but mostly when it is cooked in a basic way. I hate places (common in the UK) when there are so many flavours on the plate that it feels like a pig eating from a trough. I think the phrase ‘vegan-opposite’ would pretty much sum me up. However, I don’t ram it down peoples’ throats- one of my good friends is that strictest vegan you could ever meet.

London – I love London. I go whenever I can. One thing about Cambridge I like is the ease of getting into London.

Good – I like good things. For me that means well designed and/or novel objects and people who have passion in things. It’s only in the past few years. The appreciation of good design comes from the Engineering part of my brain. However, there’s a conflict with the passion side as Engineers I’ve found are some of the most un-passionate people I’ve ever met. It also makes me wonder what type of organisation I would best fit into.

… and finally Lists ! I do make lists all the time, I guess it’s the structured and organised part of my brain that likes clarity and organisation of things.

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