Monday, May 27th, 2024

What is it with British Service ?


Shock horror. 2 bits of customer service in the UK that have been outstanding.

Dinner at the Orrery in Marylebone London. Amazing service – the best I’ve ever received in the UK. Upon arrival no shitty comments about not having a reservation, taken to a table straight away. The food was absolutely amazing. A couple of highlights on the service side:

  • When asking about where a particular item on the table was sourced from the manager gave the name, and asked if we wanted the ‘phone number of the store.
  • Going to the loo someone opens the door for you.
  • Upon exit, jackets were brought without asking, no messy bits of paper or tags, they just got it right.

Oh – and just to re-iterate that the food was absolutely fantastic also !

It just shows that British service can get it right. It also all seemed so effortless, clearly down to good teamwork (with a small team).

Second example is calling the cellphone of the relationship manager at the Bank, and him answering hello followed by my name ! Clearly he has the numbers of clients stored in his ‘phone so that when they call he can give them the personal touch.

I guess I’m old fashioned and like that sort of thing….

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