Monday, May 27th, 2024

2 Beef Sandwiches


I’ve been craving beef sandwiches for some time. 2 recent experiences to help satisfy the cravings:

Automat, London

I like this place. It’s in the style of an American diner. I always usually have the brisket sandwich, washed down with a beer (Sol in this case):

T-Junction, Ipswich

The concept is sheer genius. Satisfy the British love of roasts. Simple stock in the shop – 3 roasts (Chicken/Turkey, Pork, Beef), vegetables (3 types), roast potatoes, gravy. Offer in 2 forms – hot sandwich or plated meal. Result: pretty much full shop with great and fast service. I always go to this shop when I visit Ipswich. Today I had hot roast beef sandwich with a side of roast potatoes. I discovered about a year ago that a sandwich with gravy is amazing (why go with the simple option of bread to mop up the gravy, when you can include gravy in the sandwich ?):

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