Friday, April 19th, 2024

Ice and pseudo-redundant user guides


Walking in Muji yesterday and spotted some ice cube makers. I love how the Japanese think of novel and interesting uses and forms for things, really creative. I was looking at the strange shapes:

The one on the left creates sticks of ice that you can then place into bottles of water etc. Very clever !

I had seen this one before in Japan:

Comes with some comprehensive set of instructions:

Having bought a lot of goods in Japan, it always amazes me the detail that seems to appear in these instructions. If you think about it, you really need the following words “fill, put in fridge”. Instead you are supplied with a whole series of notes ! However, they are entirely redundant. Well, that’s of course until I filled it too much and ice obviously expands (so maybe on this occasion understanding written Japanese would have helped). Reminds me of an early scene from “Lost in Translation” where the director on a shoot rants about 2 mins of Japanese and the translation lady tells Bill Murray “With Intensity”, to which he replies “Is that everything ?, seemed like he said more than that !”.

Place in freezer overnight and you get this:

Makes for a very cool and pleasant drink..

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