Friday, April 19th, 2024

3G, more like 2G, or 1.5G


Sorry, yet another rant about mobile connectivity. I really struggle to see why anyone would buy a 3G capable iPad in the UK. The possibilities for such a gadget are immense. However, I just can’t see how you’d have a usable experience in the UK with the poor quality of 3G provision. Take today- simple brilliance of Shazam to find a song in a shop I had been in. iTunes allows me to buy it and listen as I walk down the street- perfect technology experience as you’d expect from Apple. Sadly, it requires someone else to be involved to enable the data transfer:

* Marylebone High Street – as I walk down I couldn’t even get 3G. Popped into a pub that I knew had Openzone (part of my iPhone plan with o2). Great, authentication problem so I had no access.

* Selfridges. 3G, but pathetically slow. I’m sure they have wireless here but I really can’t be bothered to stalk around Starbucks trying to find a decent connection.

* Train back home to Cambridge. Total disaster for the first 10mins of the journey due to tunnels etc. I get perfect 3G on the underground in Hong Kong, sadly never i the UK.

Why can’t someone sort this out ?

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