Tuesday, May 21st, 2024

I’m at a Deli, not in Delhi


We all know the lack of management of stock levels in Cambridge. I’m certain there’s a 50 person company in Cambridge that writes software for stock and inventory control – pity it’s never used. Though I’m also inclined to think that much of it is downto management problems.

Today’s experience – Marks and Spencer at the train station. Now you’d think that a company that has an aisle full of ready to eat meals at a train station would have had the foresight to actually have some form of cutlery available- wrong ! My comment to the guy at the till was “am I supposed to eat it with my hands ?”, maybe that’s fine for the M&S in Delhi (where things may be set up for people eating with their hands)- but not really suitable for the dirty environment of a First Capital Connect train !

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