Sunday, June 16th, 2024

Travel to the station today. Great, this bloody stupid guided bus route is yet again inconveniencing me. In this case, a taxi stopping down the road from the station as it couldn’t drop me outside due to roadworks. This whole thing really does irritate me. Specifically, yet another situation where people who live outside of […]

This holiday weekend I’ve been in London 3 times: Friday night. Some drinks and dinner. I must confess to having a little too much to drink. Well okay, quite a bit too much to drink. Thankfully had a guest staying over so had someone with me to make sure I arrived back home safely. I […]

I’ve had a friend staying for the past few weeks from the US. Originally for a few days, but extended due to the ‘ash crisis’. To mark him finally making it home to the US (only to come back again next week) we decided to cook a roast the night before he left: That’s 2 […]