Tuesday, May 21st, 2024

Heading Home…


Frustrated with myself that I didn’t head back home today (Friday) instead of waiting ’til tomorrow. I’m sitting here just as the VS020 would normally depart from SFO wishing I was on it. All meetings are finished, although it would have been a little stressful earlier in the week if I didn’t have the knowledge that I’d have until late Friday to complete things.

I guess tomorrow I’ll relax a little and then head up to the city to do some shopping. Japanese stationary is on the list of things to look for. I managed to get a load the last time I was over here, as well as when I was in Asia. However, I’ve now realised exactly what I like and is useful so want to stock up given I’m not sure the next time I’ll be over here (or travelling for that matter). However, no doubt that will be something like 2 weeks from now if history has anything to go by.

The trip has been good, even though I got sick, managing to transfer much of my knowledge over to people and they seemed pretty happy. In some ways you are always sad to leave something behind you, but in others glad that a chapter of life can be closed and move onto something new. Talking to people earlier, I can’t believe it’s been 4 solid years I’ve done a very regular trip between Cambridge and San Jose. At one point it was 1 week Sunnyvale (old office), 1 week in Cambridge. That later changed to each month and/or 2 week trips. It’s been funny how I’ve managed to become acquainted with service staff in Hotels as well as Virgin security, check-in and lounge staff.

Well, I’m looking forward to getting back home to my own bed and some healthy food !

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