Wednesday, February 1st, 2023

Sunday afternoon decided to run a few errands. Of course I can’t go in early as half of East Anglia usually goes to Cambridge (though why they’d bother I don’t know). Got to the furniture store only to find it closed: Why the hell would you actually bother opening ? 5hrs open on a Sunday […]

I ended up in London yesterday to make some purchases. What I love about London is that when you decide you want something, there is a pretty high chance that you will be able to find it available and in stock. Of course you will likely pay more than Internet stores, but for someone impatient […]

This week has been a series of disasters in terms of travel….. Driving Side Mirror Wednesday evening: drivers side mirror in car removed due to some complete idiot driving at 90mph along a country road and deciding to overtake at an inappropriate moment. Swerved to avoid, but car wing mirror hit and torn to pieces. […]

This week has been strange. If you had asked me what would happen a week ago I’d have said yet another week, albeit my mind going up and down about what to do next work wise. Well Monday PM events took a turn for the better and by Friday I have a new job. My […]

Sitting in my home office today with the window open I realised it was 16:30 and it was still light. Also a nice fresh smell. I done hope we are going to get an early Spring. It still feels cold, but having sensible lighting conditions after 4PM is a huge bonus ! Actually, it felt […]