Friday, April 19th, 2024

Europe bound


Off to Europe (Italy) for a wedding. It frustrates me that low cost carriers have monopolised Stansted to a point where I can be in a situation where I have to pay more to fly from Stansted than Heathrow, but end up choosing Stansted for convenience. Stansted is at least getting better than it used to be. Still a joke for short haul parking (pay a huge fee and end up being in the furthest away slot).

I’m flying Ryanair today. Actually, given the whole booking and luggage limitation experience, I’ll never ever fly Ryanair again. I think their airport check-in machines really sum up their approach to things:

Yes, that is a chip-and-pin machine below the check-in machine, obviously expecting that some form of financial transaction will have to take place !

The question of the day is how irritated I will be upon getting to Italy. A 2hr flight on Rynair followed by Italian trains – not a good start !

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