Friday, April 19th, 2024

I woke up this morning in a really good mood. I guess it’s a combination of no post-holiday no jetlag (i.e. feeling refreshed), getting a whole load of crap dealt with over the past few days due to the estate management, 2 social events last night, and decent weather ! Oh, and a finally a […]

Walking past Oxford Street recently I spotted that the large HMV near Selfridges had closed. This made it really hit home that traditional media outlets are in rapid decline. It’s funny how technology has changed the face of the High Street. In Glasgow there used to be a well established book chain called ‘John Smiths’. […]

I like this piece of software, an App I bought from the Mac Apps Store. Apple, of course, have got the whole security and payment thing figured out and enable me to buy things regardless of where I am in the world ! Anyways, the software is lightweight and allows you to make changes to […]

Something I’ve been passionate about for some time is the need to have better identity and security management on our digital devices. This comes from 2 key angles from my perspective as a user – convenience and security. The mess the industry is in today was highlighted overnight when I was trying to make a […]

I didn’t specifically stage this pic, but when I looked at my desk I realised it would make a good pic…

One of the things I like about computers is the constant change and the ability to run previous technologies on the current one. It’s kind of cool to run an emulator of a computer you had as a child on the iPhone for example, though scary to think of the difference in compute power and […]

I’ve seen these around for some time, and a magazine ad prompted me to download the scanning app for the iPhone. Superb ! the ability to go straight to web pages, video clips, texts, add to address book is just amazing. Why this hasn’t really taken off in the UK I have no idea..

When I bought my MacBook Pro recently, I decided to upgrade the stock hard disc (500GB) to a 1TB model. It still amazes me how we can get 1TB of capacity onto this: When we can’t even have trains running on time or machines work properly in the UK. My reasoning for the 1TB drive […]

So, keeping with tradition (for want of a more suitable phrase like obsession or compulsion) I’ve bought a MacBook Air. Actually, I bought it last week in the US. I arrived on my flight and whilst driving down to San Jose I gave my usual Apple Store (Valley Fair) a call to see if they […]

I managed to avoid the Apple Store in London today, attending a work lunch instead. Some nice Spanish Chorizo, Black Pudding, although not quite as good as the platter I had the other night. Got back to Cambridge and the temptation I couldn’t resist. So I went to the Apple Store and had a look. […]