Friday, April 19th, 2024

The perfect iPad


Ever since the iPad mini was announced I’ve been considering buying one. The day it was released I fought throw the crowds to get my hands on one. My initial impression was the weight was much better, I liked the form factor but it felt like the screen was a downgrade from my retina display iPad.

My strategy was to wait until the next generation was released. However, Last Friday night reading some of the Apple rumour sites got me thinking that an update might not happen for a while. The impulse purchaser got the better of me and I bought one. The idea is to try and use it over the retina regular sized iPad for a few weeks and if I can cope then I will migrate completely.

Experiences have been great so far. I have all my media and content over. I love the form factor, finally the on screen typing makes sense. My prediction is that I will migrate… We will see !

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