Saturday, July 20th, 2024

Things change for the worst


Been pretty busy at work over the past few months so limited lunches out. Of course there’s The Wrestlers in Newmarket Road (down side being full of people I’d usually find irritating). The Six Bells in Fulbourn is good (especially since they let us eat in the restaurant area so we can talk work and not have to worry about people listening). Had a fantastic sandwich at the Shelford Deli on Monday.

For a while last year I was eating at The White Hart in Fulbourn. The food was fantastic- steak and chips (with onion rings) was easily one of the best I’d had in the UK. Most lunchtimes it was fairly busy and Friday was usually packed (although you could get a table). Then comes the usual Cambridge factor – nothing can stay good for a prolonged period of time and has to be made awful. It happened about 6 months ago. Over the past few months I’ve occasionally gone back but been a little disappointed. However this Tuesday it hit an all time low- to the point of walking out.

Simple common sense sadly didn’t prevail. Walked in, had a look at the menu, guy comes up and shows us to a table. Now here’s the issue, most people at lunchtime will be working and therefore want a quick turnaround. We were shown to the table, I indicated we were ready to order but the guy just ignored us and walked off. After 5 mins I got irritated and walked out.
How can you mess up something so simple ?

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