Saturday, July 20th, 2019

Last time I was in Japan I attended a dinner at a Korean BBQ restaurant. Before the food was served, someone arrived with a set of small aprons to wear – a nice touch for someone who commonly spills food on their shirt. I was so impressed, I asked the waiter if I could have [...]

Shock horror. 2 bits of customer service in the UK that have been outstanding. Dinner at the Orrery in Marylebone London. Amazing service – the best I’ve ever received in the UK. Upon arrival no shitty comments about not having a reservation, taken to a table straight away. The food was absolutely amazing. A couple [...]

I love Yum Yums. When I was a child there was only one place that sold them – a bakery chain called City Bakeries. It’s long gone now due to Supermarkets having their own bakeries. City Bakeries did 2 amazing foods: Deep Fried Pizza and Yum Yums. At school if we wanted to pig out [...]

I sometimes really appreciate simple dinners. Okay, this time it wasn’t as simple dinner as I sometimes have (soup with crackers), but still felt very basic compared to what I was craving (steak). Poppy seed rolls, cheese, and red onion. Washed down with a glass of red wine. Really tasty and delicious.

Whilst those in the South East would consider steak with a nice glass of red wine a normal dinner experience, here’s the Glasgow equivalent (albeit sourced in Cambridge): That’s Fish and Chips, with a bottle of Irn Bru. There’s something about Irn Bru that goes well with greasy food – it’s quite a refreshing drink [...]

This picture sums up my eating and drinking patterns, save for the odd day, for the past 4 weeks: Definitely time to diet..

I’ve been craving beef sandwiches for some time. 2 recent experiences to help satisfy the cravings: Automat, London I like this place. It’s in the style of an American diner. I always usually have the brisket sandwich, washed down with a beer (Sol in this case): T-Junction, Ipswich The concept is sheer genius. Satisfy the [...]

The other day I realised steak was in the fridge. I opened up the container (WMF containers are just so so practical) and spotted 2 steaks ! Now of course they couldn’t go to waste so decided to cook both of them: Eventually this was my dinner (tasted better than it looked): Coupled with this [...]

Okay, I haven’t gone from 2 pork rolls to 8 ! I’ve been telling people at work about the amazing rolls on a Friday from the butchers and so we decided to have lunch at mine today. I went round to the butchers today and as I walked in the butcher said “will be about [...]

Okay, so I blogged earlier about breakfast and big cities. Looking back on what I did, I really can’t believe my life has descended to going for breakfast at John Lewis in Cambridge. It goes against everything I stand for and usually mock. Still, it wasn’t that bad: Note the breakfast not having any random [...]