Sunday, June 16th, 2024

Sometimes I’m too harsh…


Really I hear you say ?

I took this picture this morning before leaving home:

My thought was ‘flurry of snow, great that’ll be whole of the South East shut down’. The reality was different, things ran to clockwork in terms of infrastructure.

However, and here’s where my caring humble approach ends:


I just lost my patience this morning and started ranting and swearing at people, one guy at least saw the funny side of things. Why is it so bad. Well, for one you are all standing in the freezing cold waiting for the train. The train comes from Kings Lynn therefore already has people on it:

Problem 1: Bikes. Yep, it’s inevitable that there will at least be 1 bike that you have to dodge around or worse still trying to be taken off the train. Net result is total confusion by people who are trying to be polite and therefore don’t move at a sensible pace. I liken it to a Japanese gameshow- a bunch of people being hit by rubber mallets (sadly nobody laughing).

Problem 2; They just don’t know how to then board a train and sit down quickly. It feels like an episode of Countryfile, with a blind three legged dog herding sheep. I mean how difficult is it to board a train, spot and empty seat, and sit on it ? Very I’ve found. Then, once they find ‘the seat’ they then have to do their comfort adjustment phase by taking jacket off, gathering reading material etc. coupled with of course the lack of spatial awareness. This complete moron this morning took about 2 mins to sit down holding up the entire boarding carriage, I just shook my head and swore under my breath. I think they just don’t get out that often.

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