Monday, December 4th, 2023

I’ve seen these around for some time, and a magazine ad prompted me to download the scanning app for the iPhone. Superb ! the ability to go straight to web pages, video clips, texts, add to address book is just amazing. Why this hasn’t really taken off in the UK I have no idea..

Woke up early this morning, against my desire to get a very long sleep. I specifically had organised events on Saturday around sleeping until late. Got up, messed around for a bit, then went back to bed. My automatic reaction was to go into London, so had it all planned out catching the 7:45 which […]

When I bought my MacBook Pro recently, I decided to upgrade the stock hard disc (500GB) to a 1TB model. It still amazes me how we can get 1TB of capacity onto this: When we can’t even have trains running on time or machines work properly in the UK. My reasoning for the 1TB drive […]

Okay, I haven’t gone from 2 pork rolls to 8 ! I’ve been telling people at work about the amazing rolls on a Friday from the butchers and so we decided to have lunch at mine today. I went round to the butchers today and as I walked in the butcher said “will be about […]

I woke up this morning with a vision in my mind and a sudden realisation. I’m sometimes super slow when it comes to some things, but super quick in others. I do know one area where I am slow though. My favourite Andrea Bocelli track that I listen to in the mood I’m in right […]

I feel so so tired right now. I hate wasting good food and tonight I did. Still, my ‘sweet stomach’ did kick in and finished a number of macarons. I do need to pull myself out of this tiredness phase. I think I’ll force myself to sleep as much of Saturday as I can. I […]

So, trivial things to gripe about, but I was really irritated this morning by a few things: Logging into websites and buying things. Why is it so bloody complicated ? Why ask me for a PIN when clearly I don’t have one ? There really has to be a better way of doing all this […]

I’m finally feeling better. I guess based on 3 things: Sleep – my ability to get a long decent nights sleep for a change. Food – I made the healthy salad last night, washed down with a couple of glasses of wine. Mind – got a few things that were bothering me discussed (and resolved) […]

My first real hit of Winter in the UK this morning: I must admit I like when it’s cold like this and it feels cosy inside. I guess the fact that it’s not windy and/or raining is a huge plus (compared to Scotland in the Winter)….

I had a quick trip to Newcastle and upon getting on the train I picked up a copy of The Metro. I always like to browse through newspapers (and in particular adverts) when I visit somewhere as it gives you a sense of the place. I stumbled across this: WTF ? Kind of a strange […]